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Carlyn Madden

Founder and Principal

Carlyn is a passionate supporter of nonprofits, with over a decade of experience working in the areas of arts and culture, education, and human services. She consults on executive search, strategy development, and capacity building.


Since 2013, Carlyn’s consulting has focused on strengthening management practices of community-based nonprofits. In 2018, Carlyn launched new consulting services to address a dearth of affordable leadership transition resources for the DC region’s small to mid-sized nonprofits. Through trainings, consulting, and facilitated executive search services, Carlyn guides nonprofit executives and boards through intentional processes to build their leadership capacity.


Our consulting engagements often draw upon the wisdom and expertise of the following co-collaborators:

Jasmine Jiang

Jasmine is a Master's Candidate in Arts Management at American University. Born in Shanghai, China and raised in Reno, Nevada, her experience in theatre, longform improvisation, and arts education led her to Washington DC, where she now works and studies to create stronger, smarter nonprofit arts organizations. A former associate of CMCS, Jasmine was a 2017-2018 graduate fellow at American University's Theatre and Musical Theatre Programs, and joined the Kennedy Center for a 2018-2019 fellowship in their public relations department. She serves as the Marketing Director for the Emerging Arts Leadership Symposium, an annual arts administration conference run entirely by a committee of dedicated graduate students. Jasmine graduated from the University of Nevada with a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - and a sudden realization that she didn’t want to work in the sciences. While in Reno, she worked as a Special Education teacher and as a Teaching Artist. When she’s not working or studying, you can find Jasmine cooking, performing with Tiovivo at Washington Improv Theater, or napping with her cats.

Goldie Patrick

Goldie brings over a decade of experience in grantmaking, nonprofit management, and as a leader and practitioner in the local arts community. After earning her BFA in Theatre, Goldie pursued a career in the nonprofit sector to bridge gaps that left organizations and communities under-resourced, disproportionately funded, and disengaged. Goldie has worked with local nonprofits in the areas of program development, cultural competency, and community engagement. After completing the Nonprofit Roundtable’s Future Executive Director Fellowship, Goldie has consulted with various institutions for local grantmakers, foundations, agencies, and organizations to increase their community engagement, advocacy efforts, and cultural competency. As an arts educator and professor, she has been essential in the development and evaluation of arts education, youth development and hip hop education, including with Hi-ARTS NYC, The John F. Kennedy Center, Life Pieces to Masterpieces and Horton’s Kids. Her work has also brought her to work in Charleston, South Carolina, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Accra, Ghana. In addition to her consulting work, she runs a theatre company for Black women and girls, FRESHH, Inc., in residence at the Anacostia Arts Center.

Claire Huschle

Claire has over two decades of arts management experience, and is the founder and director of Scaffold, a project management firm for the arts. She served as Director of George Mason University’s Arts Management program, where she has been an adjunct professor since 2007. She was awarded a fellowship at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, where she worked with the Center’s senior leadership and co-produced a study on regional trends in millennial audience engagement. From 2005-2011, she served as Executive Director of the Arlington Arts Center (Arlington, VA). In that role, she significantly increased the operating budget, built operational reserves, negotiated a 25-year lease, and brought together a talented staff, raising the AAC’s profile both regionally and nationally. Previously, Huschle was the Director of Target Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA, and served as the center’s Community Liaison, coordinating a national conference on starting community-based art centers and liaising with arts groups and advocacy organizations. She has served on numerous grant review panels around the Washington, DC region. As a curator, her exhibitions have been reviewed in the Washington Post and ArtPapers. Huschle received her MA in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin and her BA degree in Art History from the University of Michigan, with high honors.

Dannie Greenberg

Dannie Greenberg has spent 15 years in management and fundraising for the nonprofit sector. Most recently, Dannie served as the senior vice president for Elevate, a grant writing consulting firm in Washington, DC.  Prior to joining Elevate, Dannie was an independent grant writing consultant helping nonprofit organizations develop and articulate smart organizational strategy, effective, mission-aligned programs, and measurable impact. Dannie currently lives in Quito, Ecuador, and continues to consult with nonprofits, providing advice and support on institutional fundraising strategies, writing proposals, and editing documents to advance her clients’ goals and sustainability. Dannie prioritizes working with organizations that support and empower underserved communities. She has extensive experience with local nonprofits that focus on direct social services, arts and culture, and youth, and has raised millions of dollars from public and private institutions. Dannie graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Psychology and holds a M.S. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Human Development & Family Studies.

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