Strategy & Evaluation

Outside guidance can be beneficial – even essential – as your nonprofit faces key decision points in your growth and development: when your operating environment has changed and a fresh perspective on organizational identity is warranted; when you need consensus among board and staff on the organization's strategic direction, and when you need to create action-oriented road maps to take ideas to actions, just to name a few.


Our strategy & evaluation  services bring your nonprofit’s mission, stakeholders, aspirations, and actions into alignment. 

Too often nonprofit strategic planning processes result in documents that are too aspirational, not feasible to execute, or nimble enough to respond to the rapidly changing environment in which most nonprofits operate.

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all strategic planning. We focus specifically on helping your board and staff drill down on their most critical questions, while coming to consensus on the changes necessary to get to the next level.

Our Approach

We create customized work plans based on your nonprofit’s unique situation, whether we manage your comprehensive engagement planning processes or supplement your ongoing staff- or board-led activities.

After determining what you need help with, we will design and execute a streamlined engagement that addresses your key questions, using some or all of the components of a strategic planning process.  For example, we may:

Refresh organizational identity by rearticulating your mission, vision, and values.

Define your key constituents, stakeholders, and partners.

Conduct environmental scans through interviews, focus groups, and research to understand your organization’s unique operating context.

Facilitate discussions among the board and staff to set goals, objectives and measures of success.

Draft concise plans that document the planning process, identify challenges and opportunities, and define specific strategies for helping your organization achieve its goals.

Support implementation with hands-on technical assistance, coaching, and tools to create budget projections, revenue goals, timelines, and project management systems.

Create evaluation frameworks to measure the impact of your strategic plans.

Client spotlight

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts approached us to examine the human resources necessary to increase their organizational effectiveness and financial sustainability in advance of their founder's retirement. Through research, stakeholder interviews, and facilitated meetings, we led their E.D., Deputy, and Finance Director through a process to strategically assess their in-house talent and direct referrals to outsourced contractors to fulfill basic operation functions. As a result of this engagement, the Smith Center received a road map that laid out different scenarios to develop organizational leadership necessary to bridge the organization's current plans with their vision for the future.

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